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  1. a building, esp. one of large size or imposing appearance.
  1. any large, complex system or organization 

Edifice provides real estate developers, municipalities, and metro districts with “concept-to-completion” management of their projects in Colorado’s Front Range markets.

Municipal and real estate development projects are constructed in increasingly complex and multi-disciplinary environments. Many projects require not just engineering, but also market analysis, planning, district creation, public outreach, and public funding.

Simply put: Single discipline firms do not possess the skills required to manage today’s complex projects.

Edifice synchronizes experts in every discipline that our public and private clients require, including market analysis, engineering, planning and zoning, legal, metro districts, construction management, financing, political processes, and community outreach.

Why piece a team together to fulfill all your needs?  They won’t even know how to communicate with each other, let alone with you. 

Edifice takes your project from Vision to Reality™.


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